Spirits of the Sea

思いがけず 光るのは
風薫る 砂浜で

A beautiful song with a beautiful MV.


H1 2019


Closing the first half of 2019 by hosting a home party at my Mitaka house. I was nervous at hosting this party as this was my first time hosting a party for people whom I know at work (three of them are from different companies, but under one group and we share the same office. Kinda difficult to explain). Some of them I just got to talk to two weeks ago through a work event. Some of them didn’t know each other. So I was kinda nervous about the food and whether they would get along well. It turned out everyone enjoyed the food and the companions to the point that we want to do it routinely.

The first​ half of 2019 was kinda tough but somehow I managed to survive. I have an MA after my name, a job, and create ​social support in Tokyo to make it feel like home.

Still a halfway to 2019 and many things to get excited for and to be sthrived for.

And one important thing for the past six months: I am so grateful to people’s kindness and support during my difficult time. If it is not because of these genuine people, I wouldn’t know how to stay sane. Thank you very much.